Professional Services

Milestone Petroleum Marketing Corporation (MPMC) is a branded reseller of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (Shell) for its fuel products. Its product line includes regular fuel oil (RFO) or bunker fuel, diesel, kerosene, special fuel oils (SFO) and a full range of industrial lubricants.

The company is proud of its commitment to high-quality customer service; timely and secure product delivery; and the stringent protection of product integrity and quality. It is led by outstanding professionals with unblemished track records in business management.

With more than 20 years of experience helping businesses.

This is made possible by the fact that MPMC has full control over the delivery process and closely monitors every trip via GPS devices installed in every delivery truck. MPMC staff is also in constant touch with the delivery crew over the whole course of each trip. This enables the staff to give customers regular updates about developments during the course of each trip.

Safe, Secure, and On-time delivery
Assured High Product Quality

On-time delivery

We ensure that our customers receive the ordered product on the agreed date and time.

Assured product quality

We go through lengths to ensure the protection of product integrity and quality.

Information updates

We provide customers with hourly updates over the course of the delivery from end-to-end. 

Our Core Values

Dedication to the Customer

We believe that the customer is the reason for our existence. We cannot be successful unless we deliver consistently high-quality service to our customers.

Pursuit of Excellence

Each of us will do our tasks in the best possible way we can. We believe that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. Mediocre quality is simply not acceptable.

Honesty, Integrity and Fairness

We will treat the company, our customers, and each other honestly, fairly and with a high level of integrity.

Congruence between Personal and Corporate Goals

We are all in this enterprise together. The financial future of the company and the well-being of its people are closely intertwined. If the company does well, it will share the benefits of such success with its people. If the company suffers reverses, we also expect our people to be equally willing to sacrifice with it. The congruence of goals is not a one-way traffic.


Belief in Teamwork

We are a Team. Our people are interdependent. We will produce the best results if we cooperate and work as a team

Belief in Innovation

We believe that major breakthroughs can be achieved only through innovation. We will not be afraid of change. In fact, we will welcome it. We will deliberately seek new and better ways of doing things. 


On-time delivery

On-time delivery is very important to our customers. It is a major issue because it affects their production schedule. Encountering delays or even worst, the fuel never arrives is a concern we address.


To address this, close coordination is conducted between our departments. Careful planning is implemented to make sure that the delivery is executed accordingly. Terminal, traffic and road conditions are considered. We make sure that our lorry tanker to be used is available and in good running condition. All aspects that would influence our delivery are taken into account.


Milestone pushed the efforts further by instituting the Ocular Inspection policy. This approach is something we believe is hardly being practiced in our industry. Ocular Inspection (OI) is conducted by Milestone’s Safety Officer (SO) prior to the first delivery. This is also implemented on an annual basis to be updated on the developments. We make the necessary adjustments on our processes when the need arises.


Aside from the delivery site, our assessment also covers the route that our lorry tanker will take and the time it takes to complete the cycle. During the inspection, our SO identifies the requirements and standards to properly execute the hauling service. This includes various documents, safety concerns, receiving pipeline specification, required fittings, hose length needed, appropriate clearance in the unloading dock, storage facility status and any special instruction coming from the receiving party.


All findings are documented through our Journey Management Plan or JMP handbook. The OI is discussed to our logistics team by our SO. To make sure that nothing is lost in the communication, our Dispatcher and Driver assigned discusses the JMP during the pre-departure process, each time a delivery is undertaken to the customer. The JMP is also given to our Driver for his reference while on the trip.

Assured product quality

Milestone is particular with the integrity and quality of the products it sells. That is why we chose sourcing the fuels we sell from Shell. An entity known globally as a very reputable organization. They have consistently shown that they will never compromise integrity and quality when it comes to their fuels.


Most of Milestone’s delivery documents are traceable to Shell’s system. A copy of the Shell Certificate of Quality is handed out to our customer upon delivery. Furthermore, a copy of the Shell Delivery Note is also given when our customer makes the request.


As a Branded Reseller, Shell extends the technical support to Milestone’s customers. Aside from the confidence it expresses on the fuels being served, it shows the commitment of making sure all customer concerns are addressed.

Information updates

Aside from Ocular Inspection, Milestone instituted the Delivery Updates policy. This approach is something we believe is unique to us.


Regular delivery updates start from the time our lorry tanker leaves our motor pool until it reaches the customer’s premises. The status report is sent through Short Messaging System given a certain interval. The timing of the updates is based from the preference of our customers. This service gives our customer the peace of mind knowing the status of their fuel. Understanding the uncontrollable factors like traffic and terminal (where we lift or pick up the fuel) conditions, the delivery updates give the customer the opportunity to make adjustments in their production line when necessary.